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A Beautiful Gift to our Parish

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, our parish received a beautiful gift in the form of a mural. Shown are three saints close to our Parish: Holy Bishop Mardarije, Holy Bishop Nikolaj; and the patron of our parish, St. Stephen the Protomartyr. Also shown are Igumanija ANA (Radetic), the first American born nun of Serbian heritage; our St. Stephen Churches, both at our first location on Church Street and our current St. Stephen Church on Weber Road in Lackawanna; and the five priests that served our parish for the last 60 years. In remembrance of the 60th Anniversary of our Church at its current location, these priests were shown: Proto Miodrag Djuric, Proto Milorad Dobrota, Proto Srboljub Bulic, Proto Rastko Trbuhovich, and Fr. Vladislav Golic.

The inscription reads “ Dedicated to the Saint Stephen Serbian Orthodox Church of Lackawanna, New York on the 60th Anniversary in Memory of +Mirko & +Zora (Rose) Jovic, +Milorad Jovic, +Joseph L. Spiranec and to all the +Parish Priests, +Deacons, & +Parishioners of St. Stephen’s. Memory Eternal from Jovic Family, Zdjelar Family, Stanojcic Family, Spiranec Family, Meyers Family.

Many thanks to these families for this wonderful donation, which depicts the history of our St. Stephen parish church in the last 60 years. May our Lord see their good works and bless them abundantly. God grant them, and all our parishioners, Many Years! Mnogaja Ljeta!

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