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Altar Boy Workshop

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

On Monday, October 14, seven Altar boys came to our St. Stephen Church for instruction in Altar serving.

The day began with a Divine Liturgy commemorating the Protection of the Theotokos (Pokrov), and was followed by a luncheon in the Church Cultural Center. After the luncheon, instruction was held, with Father Vladislav working with the Altar Servers, guiding them through proper behaviors, as well as cuing the Altar Boys in different parts of the Divine Liturgy. Father gave each student a Divine Liturgy book, and the boys wrote in their books when each of their actions in the Altar should be done.

After instruction, Father led the group to McDonald’s for milk shakes for a job well done.

Those present included Reader Daniel Hawkins, Nikola Dragic, Nicholas Tumpaloff, David Korbut, Dimitri Zausen, Natan Golic, and Luka Culum.

Good work, Altar Boys!

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