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The Beginning of the Church School Year

What a blessed day in our Parish!

On Sunday, September 8th, our parish celebrated the opening of the church school year. During the Divine Liturgy, prayers were offered asking God to help our children in their coming studies. Students also brought their backpacks to church this morning, which were blessed at the end of the service.

Afterwards, a Tammie fundraiser brunch was held for the support of our parish folklore group. During the brunch, a number of students shared their summer experiences of the 22nd Church Assembly-Sabor of the Serbian Orthodox Dioceses in the United States during July, followed by memories of trips to Shadeland camp. While reflecting on both events, the students emphasized their happiness to interact with Serbian Orthodox clergy and youth on a local and nation-wide level, making new friends, and sharing in the Divine Services of the Church. Their stories fondly recount their growth in faith and love during this past summer, setting a wonderful example for our parish.

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