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The Final St. Stephen's Tammies & Dancers 2020/2021 Rehearsal

On January 11th, the St. Stephen’s Tamburitzans and Dancers eagerly returned to practice after almost a year. Despite the extended break from instruction, the children quickly adapted to precautions and continued on their pursuit to learn new music, songs, and dances, working together to expand their talents and develop new skills. Their constant growth in both musicianship and choreography is a pleasure to witness. This shared experience each week among the children, parents, and instructors is a true joy, and allows us all to remain connected and engaged with our church, culture, and each other.
Congratulations to these angels who work so hard to keep our traditions alive! We would like to thank our instructors, Kristina, Michael, and Shelley Vranjes, for their constant dedication to our organization. Also, many thanks to popadija Sara for her work with our children, our president Olja Bogunovic, the rest of the executive board, and the parents for making our rehearsals possible this year.

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